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Aqua Fest


Aqua Fest was one of the corporate/civic oriented events that desperately wanted legitimacy but was snared in the net of Austin's culture/counter-culture. Boat races on Town Lake? Not if La Raza has anything to say about it. Still, my favorite memories of AF were when the theme nights were still the agenda. German night was such a beautiful family affair. Mexican night was such a party. I still have a few Skipper pins.

Dust dome.

I loved the dust fest, for the money. Those of us working the sound and lights called it the dust fest because by half way theough the first show there was a dome of dust over the place that made it look like Denver on a still day. I loved the shows, and the dust had a great visual effect on the lights. The legitimacy of Aqua Fest was hard to argue against after we broke Willie Nelson's attendance record with Shaka Khan, or Shock Ur Mom, as we called her. There were 86,000 people at that show, and more dust than ever!

Twang Twang Shock a Boom

I used to love Aqua Fest! One of my favorite memories was listening to Twang Twang Shock a Boom at Aqua Fest -- what ever happened to them?

Aqua Fest

David Garza (pronounced dah-veed) the main guy in shock a boom still makes records as a solo artist. My favorite memory was a concert at Aqua Fest around '89 called escape from New York tour. It had The Tom Tom club (formerly the talking heads) , Blondie, and the Ramones. All from the early punk rock explosion from New York! Great Memories. I miss the Aqua Fest!