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Armadillo World Headquarters


Of all the places that stand out in Austin, it was the AWHQ I was 17 years old when I came to Austin the first time. I ended up at the Armadillo, I'll never forget that night, Shiva's Head Band was playing and there were stoned people everywhere. All night long there was a young woman dancing with no top on in front of the band. It was quite a scene for a young Freak Musician from Houston to end up in. Later that night I had no where to go so I just wandered around the building exploring, I was so jacked up I was not about to go to sleep. At one point I ended up in a huge room and there was this guy building a massive pyramid from scrap lumber right there in the building. not too far from him was this freak with long red hair drawing, when I walked up to see what he was drawing it was armadillos and strange eyes on the paper with a headline, at the time I didn't know who Jim Franklin was. Over the years the Dillo was a haunt for me and I opened for a few bands there. As the placed changed I sort of drifted off form the scene but it always held a sweet spot for me. The one thing about the Dillo was the eclectic string of bands and musicians that came through there. It was a hard day for a lot of people when they tore it down. Please share your memories of this very amazing place. This is the only piece of physical memory I have left of the Armadillo.


Willie and Waylon

My old compadre, Dan, and I, and our wives took in a GREAT show at AWHQ one time in the 1970's. Waylon was booked and we were stoked. Little did we know that Willie would show up with his wife and kids and an Instamatic camera. To our amazement, Willie began to snap photos of Waylon from the audience just below the stage. Soon Waylon noticed him and said he couldn't believe Willie was taking his photo. Then, after Waylon's break, he came back on stage with Willie (who played an electric guitar that night), and they proceeded to bring the house down. It may have been their first gig together in least, I'd like to remeber it that way! I will always love Austin because of nights like that!
Dave Henry

AWHQ website

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