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High Karma Spots


There are many places of high-karma in Austin. These are those spots in town that are always in the center of culture and happenings. Over the years, these places consistently stay cool and must have good karma. Places like:

5th and Baylor
This spot has survived as the gateway to Austin's hippie house culture. This Hippie houses are now law offices and galleries... but still look like Hippie houses. This area also survived a serious attempt at bad karma when the Treaty Oak killing was attempted. Lot's of folks remember a cozy beer joint that was nearby

The Bremond Block
Elegance and family pride the Austin way. The B-Block is the place I have used over and over to show folks that Austin has always had style. This entire block is listed in the national register of historic places, the only listing like that. A 100% class act.

5th x 6th x Guadalupe x West Ave.
These few blocks have always been a happening area. In the really old days, Austin settlers gathered here to buy land. Later, this area was on the outskirts of downtown and the location of many a haunt and beer joint. As Austin grew, it was the site of both major debacles and timeless Austin.

The whole windy road. This was the way to get to Travis for generations. Along the way, you could look down onto Lake Austin and undisturbed vistas for miles. Even in it's developed state, it's still cool.

Bee Caves Rd.
Remember when a trip to Soap Creek felt like a long drive in the country? Did y'all ever keep going all the way to Hwy 71 and Bee Caves Rd.? If you ever took your blender to Rosie's Tamale House, you probably did.

Barton Springs Rd.
From the Armadillo all the way to Zilker, this stretch of road has always been cool. Shady Grove used to be a real trailer park and now, in true Austin style, it still is but it's not. The Filling Station, even though it was a chain, was a cool place to hang out. Think about it... the Umlauf Sculpture Garden is literally across the street from Barton Springs Pool. These are two of the most intense Austin jewels of this or any time.

The Ladies of South Austin
Ahh.. 78704. Mary, Annie, Johanna, Elizabeth. The ladies of South Austin have always sheltered a bohemian community then and now. This neighborhood has long been the refuge of Austin's musicians. I personally saw Stevie Ray standing at the corner of Annie and S. 1st waiting to cross the street. My Doug Sahm story took place at Mary and S. Congress

Austin itself has always has good strong karma. What spots do you know to be strong?


I used to drive to UT (lived near lake Travis)via 2222 to avoid traffic. It's not so out of the way anymore.