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Concert at Clark Field - Sept 1970?

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Several years ago, I corresponded briefly with Robert Burns, after seeing that he had copies of old Austin posters, and I mentioned that I remembered one very well.

Robert was the art director, I think it was, for the original "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" movie, back in 1973 or so. I need to do another posting about the house for that on its own!

Anyway, the poster that Robert had was of a concert held on the baseball field just as UT was starting up again for the year. I say Sept 1970, but could have been 1971?

Anyway, the lineup for the day was:

The Allman Brothers
Leon Russell
It's A Beautiful Day
Pacific Gas and Electric Company (I don't remember them, but that was common for the time...)

It was a *fantastic* day of music, for sure.

While I was writing this up, I came across the following quote from Willis Alan Ramsey that relates to that concert (from

"Willis Alan Ramsey, his one and only album, at once captures that intimate milieu of folk songs and stories, then leaps well ahead of its time, owing in part to Ramsey's idiosyncratic tastes and a fortuitous encounter with Leon Russell. "I was booked into a motel called the Villa Capri in Texas, and staying at that hotel were the Allman Brothers, Leon Russell, It's a Beautiful Day and Pacific Gas & Electric. I saw their show and made it a point to knock on their doors. Leon was nice and receptive, and I was kind of cocky at that point. I thought I was writing some tunes that he should hear. Leon told me to break out my guitar. He and his road manager listened and gave me their numbers in California.

"They said I should come see them. Greg Allman and Dickey Betts were really nice as well. They invited me to come down and see them in Macon. This was right before the Allman Brothers took off. So I went to see all of them. Greg recorded a demo on me, and then I went out to see Leon, and he made a demo on me. Leon said, "I'm getting ready to tour. If you like, you can stay in my house and record in my studio at night.' That pretty much sold me! It all happened quickly. I was pretty confident in what I was doing, and suddenly I was over my head. I went from playing college coffeehouses and then I'm in Leon Russell's home studio and people like George Harrison are coming over. It was a completely different environment."

Labor Day concert

Hendrix had just died; leon set the sound up as this was just after he used the mad Dogs and Englishman for his musical blast off tour with Cocker the prior spring

Labor Day Concert

PG&E played first, then the relatively unkown Allman Brothers Band, then It's A Beautiful Day, and Leon Russell was the headliner. It was after dark by the time he played. Great memories.

Labor Day 1970

September 1970. A&S College Dean, John Silber had been fired by Frank Erwin and 'they' were paranoid that there would be a riot at this marvelous one-time venue concert sponsored by the Texas Union. Far Out! The FBI and Erwin's goons were taking photos from the top of the football stadium.

Later that week a mutli-media group I was part of, Media 70, presented "The Death of Academia" about the Larry Caroline and John Silber firings. Ooh, scary and the best times of our young lives. The music was great.

Billy Goat Hill at Clark Field

I remember going to Texas baseball games and watch the other team try to figure out how to play the ball hit on Billy Goat Hill. Had forgot about that.

Clark Field

I went to the last game at Clark Field when Longhorns played the Aggies

We were sitting on this small white building somewhere on the facilty

We go a foul ball and someone came to us and tried to take it
But we kept it

Clark Field was one of a kind