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Donn's Depot


I had the opportunity to head down West Fifth the other day and turned on West Lynn passing right by "The Depot". I can't say that I have ever been a regular at the Depot but back in the old days, we would pick a west-side beer joint for after work gatherings... might be Jake's, might be Hut's, might be Donn's. I always liked the crowd at the Depot. It was always a very friendly mix of all kinds of Austinites.

I'm happy to see that the Depot is still there although it really does look like a throwback to the 70's. I'm even happier that Donn and the Station Masters are still holding court every Friday and some days in between.

Thanks Donn.

Donn's Depot still chuggin along

Donn's Depot is a unique Austin watering hole. Owner Donn Adleman still plays at the bar on Tuesdays and Fridays and an occasional Saturday with Murphy's InLaws. Chris Gage plays the acoustic grand piano on Mondays, Donn and Matt on Tuesdays, Albert & Gage play the first Wednesday of every month and Frank Cavitt holds down the other Wednesdays, Murphy's InLaws (Michael "T-Bird" Jackson and Craig Calvert) on Thursdays and Donn and the Station Masters on Fridays. Saturdays rotate Murphy's InLaws, Nash Hernandez Orchestra, Albert and Gage, Danny Britt and Frank Cavitt.

The people who frequent the Depot are age 21 to 91. Dancing is king, drinks are cheap AND there's popcorn. You should drop in next time you're out and about!