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Doug Sahm

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Doug was a San Antonio boy but made it to Austin as quick as he could. I can't recall the name of the album recorded live at Armadillo in the mid-70's but Doug told a story from the stage about being in California and "Everyone told me that Austin was happening. So here we are." Doug and Augie did a lot to foster the Cosmic Cowboy genre and their Armadillo and Soap Creek shows were legendary.

The last time that I saw Doug was not at a music show... it was at Dan's Hamburgers on S. Congress around '81 or so. I pulled into the parking lot and parked next to a huge silver Cadillac that appeared to be full of stuff. Clothes, guitars, equipment, paperwork, basically the life support gear for a working musician. At the driver seat was Doug. We said "Hi", he went in and picked up a to-go order and drove away.

Dougs Road manager was a

Dougs Road manager was a good friend of mine Jim Winbago(sp) He use to get me gigs opening for Doug at the Soap and the Tornados at the Party Barn. The last time I saw Jim was when I was living in Santa Cruz and heard Doug was playing at the Catalyst. I waited out back and there was Jim driving the bus. It was great to see him and Doug that night. That was the last time I saw him. Later on in 1994 I came back to Austin to play at the 20th anniversary of the Hole in the Wall. Jim's partner stopped me outside the Hole and she told me about Jim. It was too much to hear. Later that Night Doug came in to the Hole and Cugini introduced me to him. He said "I know who John is". All those years opening for him I never thought he gave me a thought. I wasn't in to the coat tail thing and Jim was a good friend of mine. I know Jim meant a lot to Doug. I was living in AZ when I heard the news about Doug! It was a great loss definitely the end of a chapter in the history of music in America.

the Cosmic Cowboy era

How could we forget Townes? He was amazing. Pancho and Lefty, If You Needed Me, and so many more...For a small cover, like 2 bucks, you could sit and listen to his musical poetry for an evening and know this was a special time, not to last forever.