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Downtown Steam Locomotive

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I was downtown today and, as sometimes happens to an Austin old-timer, I had a flash recollection of something long gone... the steam locomotive that sat on track in a park downtown. I couldn't remember where it was exactly but I did recall that it was maintained by the firemen from the nearby station. I also had some vague recollection that the O. Henry house was somewhere nearby. Right on both counts. The park is still there but the train is long gone. It's a good story though, engine 768 was refurbished and actually put back into service as a weekend tour train ride from Cedar Park to Burnet and back. I took that trip several times with my kids and remember the amazing power and noise that engine created.

On a happy related note, in doing the research to help my failing memory I found that Google has this delightful image of how the park is being used today. That simple image sums up a lot about the power of Austin.

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