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Famous Austin Cartoons!

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It dawned on me the other day that we have a deep vein of cultural and artistic contribution that has not yet been explored: the Austin Comics!

Gilbert Shelton

Remember Wonder Warthog? I do for some strange reason... probably from hanging around head shops! Anyway, I never really got into WWH but lot's of Texas hippies did.

Gilbert went on to channel the Austin Hippie culture into his next set of characters. The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers. Now I did spend many an idle moment following the adventures of this stoned trio.

Gilbert spent time working at the Vulcan Gas Works and probably quite a bit of time with Jim Franklin and other poster artists.

Berke Breathed

Academia Waltz came relatively late in the groovy Austin scene but just as the city was changing with the Yuppie invasion, Berke was there to lampoon/harpoon with wit and style.

Breathed's work at UT got him national recognition and we went on to considerable success with a little thing he calls Bloom County. We cheered in Austin when he made national distribution.

Shannon Wheeler

Too Much Coffee Man took over during the wacky 80's and early 90's. Austin was changing into sort of emo, intellectual, grunge center and TMCM was right there.

What am I missing that you remember?


You can't forget Sam Hurt's "Eyebeam". Get Real!

28½ & Pearl and the crowd

You can fix your present and cure your future, but your past doesn't disappear. It just gets further away. I'm sorry you missed this party.