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First McDonald's In Austin


I remember the first McDonald's in Austin. Way back before Ronald McDonald, the Happy Meals, the Big Mac, etc. It was parked on the extreme southwestern edge of Capital Plaza, near the H.E.B. This was back in the days when McDonald's didn't have indoor dining. It was more like an old-fashioned hamburger stand where you walked up to the window and gave them your order. Then, if you didn't take the food home, or eat in your car, you could sit on the outdoor benches on either side of the restaurant. It was all a sort of white porcelain look with a golden arch on either side.

I remember it too

We lived on Corona Drive and as kids, were always running around Capital Plaza. McDonald's was on our menu a lot because my parents divorced and we lived with my father and we would call him at work and sing the McDonald's song and hang up and sure enough, he would bring home a big sack of the good smelling cheeseburgers and French fries.

Re: First McDonald's In Austin

I always remember it as being dine-in. It must have been there longer than I thought.

First McDonald's in Austin

It was later on converted to a dine-in (like all of the others).

"The Wild must Wild remain!"

First McDonald's

And the prices were odd numbers. French fries 17 cents, things like that. Capital Plaza opened on my 10th birthday and it was Austin's big shopping center. Anyone remember the little train that Packer Jack from the Uncle Jay Show drove around the parking lot? Or the night The Sensational Parker brought his daredevil act there? Scared me to death!

I went back to Capital Plaza last Sunday (7-8-12) to see if I could remember where everything was.

First McDonald's

I don't remember the little train, but I do remember how the Newberry's had these circular display kiosks with seats that slowly revolved . . . sort of an in-store merry-go-round.

Capital Plaza was where we used to go to see fireworks on July 4th.

"The Wild must Wild remain!"