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If you get here through a search, then you remember something listed on this page. Do us a favor and log-in and record that Austin memory!

Treaty Oak - still there in spite of the attempted VooDoo killing
North vs. South Tug of war - The North won, I believe
The Buccaneer - a seedy bar in the south
The old dinner theaters - on the edge of town... speaking of that!
The Edge of Town - a night club in a converted dinner theater
Dessau Hall - country girl, I think you're pretty
Jalapeno Charlie's - in that strange building on S. Lamar
The Hanging Tree - more S. Lamar weirdness
The Chaparral Lounge - what's this "new Chaparral" bullshit?
The Split Rail - I remember this as a biker bar
Duke's Royal Coach Inn - punk club on Congress... Joe King's homeroom
Maggie Mae's - remember when it was so narrow and one of the pioneers of 6th street?
The Salt Lick - before it was famous. The best Friday lunch was to fill a cooler and head out Camp Ben McCulloch road for the afternoon.
Holiday House - wild animals and burgers!
2J's - good burgers, loyal following
The Draught House - the one before the Draught Horse!
Lone Star Beer sign - stood above the Drag for a generation
Dry Creek Cafe - still kicking and lot's of ink spilt already... add your special experience
Scarbrough building and store - Austin elegance
The Silver Dollar - WAY before Dallas, the night club
The Raw Deal - the original... east 6th back in the day
Update: nice photo show of the old RD
The Poodle Dog - still there I think, as is...
The Horseshoe Lounge - got kicked out of there once
emmajoe's - small e, small place, small cover, huge talent every night
Taco Flats - I heard the Willie lived in a building behind the Flats in the early days
Dollar pitchers and cheap rent - gone, gone, gone

Orange Julius in Capital Plaza

Jack Buzzy Gibson
The road goes on forever .....and the party never ends!
Man, loved them burgers almost as much as Holiday House! And the orange drink was killer!

Superior Dairies Water Tower

What? No mention of the water tower shaped like a giant carton of Superior Dairies milk? It used to stand on the northern shore of Town Lake.

"The Wild must Wild remain!"


the place all good hippie chicks shopped

Where was Maharani?

It sounds so familiar... can't place it.

wasnt Maharani on Guadalupe?

wasnt Maharani on Guadalupe?

Oat Willie's

"Onward Through the Fog!"

get more memories

if you go to the Tavern they have old pics of old bars around Austin and the employees that worked there. Names that come to mind were, Pelicans Warf, Mike & Charlies, Juan Goldsteins, Bean's, The Greenhouse, The Still, The Keg, The Filling Station, The Pier on Lake Austin, Lake Austin Lodges, Lake Austin Inn, Jakes, The Raw Deal, The Flamingo, The OLD Lakeview Inn, The Jade Room, Louies Lounge, The Jade Room, The Library, The Blue Parrott, Valentines, so on and so on .......

North vs. South Tug of War

Does anyone remember the origins of the Tug of War? Or, what happened to it? I think the Bubba vs. Yuppies mindset still exists.


I had to leave Austin in 87 to find work. Most of these names are familiar, although I can't say that I recall the Split Rail as a Biker Bar. It started as a small building with a large covered black top area filled with tables and was open to the breezes. We used to go there of a Sunday afternoon to hang out and drink beer. Eventually the covered area was enclosed to create a fairly large, air conditioned area.Must have seated 200 or more. There was usually some kind of entertainment and a lot of it was free. Blind George (McClain?) was a regular. Butch Handcock played there, as did one of Austin's all-time great bands, Freida and the Firedogs. (Bobby Earl is still living and making music in Austin or so I hear.) I seem to remember a set by Uncle Walt's Band as well, but that memory may be influenced by too many pitchers of Lone Star. But the Firedogs were awesome. Here are a couple of other places that may be lost:
- Lake Austin Inn (LAI)- Across Lake Austin by the dam - boat or drive in.
- The Orange Bull - Ray and BJ Vines' place on like 26th and the drag and upstairs from Otto Mitag's cleaners. The Bull was frequented by jocks among others, but Ray threw them all out at 8:00 pm or so, before they got wild.
- For hamburgers you have to include Dirty Martin's on the drag.
- For Mexican there's La Tapatia (east 7th) and the original Tamale Hut on 1st and Congress (not to be confused with later establishments of the same name), and Cisco's Bakery.
- And What about Threadgill's back when Keneth still ran it and Janice Joplin sang there.
- Speaking of Janice, there was the 11th Door on 11th and Red River which is the first place I ever heard her sing.
- Can Austin's music story be complete without mention of The Moods (of Counrty Music) and Sammy Alred and Son, the Geezenslaws?

I'm hungry for home and the past

I remember alot of those places especially the stallion and 2-J's.
I went to the Poodle Dog last time I went home to Austin to visit but it's just not the same. Don't forget Taco Flats :)

The Stallion Restaurant

$1 Chicken Fried Steaks kept me from starving.