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Guy Clark and the Chili Parlour

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As the Grim Reaper continues his march through 2016, we lost another Austin influence in Guy Clark. Guy was never truly an Austin picker. Just like his close friend and running-buddy Rodney Crowell, Clark was a Houston fellow. That being said, what he was to Austin was more like the Professor and Muse to the local scene. As you are hearing from these ranks now, Guy was their influence, often their songwriter, and certainly their idol.

I recall back in the 70's that there were two performances that captured the Cosmic Cowboy movement best: Frummox' Texas Trilogy, and Clark's Desperados Waiting for a Train recorded for Walker's epic Viva Terlingua. When either of these came on the radio, I was transported to some wonderland where new things and new ideas were happening.... Austin, Texas.

Lot's have been said recently of Guy's Dublin Blues and the lyric that ties him to the Texas Chili Parlor. No offense to to the late Guy Clark but bear in mind that 1) this song is circa 1995 and 2) it is near thematic clone of Nunn's London Homesick Blues from 1973 (same year as Clark's "Desperado"!)

Gary will be missed because he was the foundation for a movement. Looking back at the lyrics of Desperados, I am struck by how time makes a reversal of everyone's fortune. I can just hear Guy repeating, saying for himself, that last line "Come on Jack, that son-of-a-gun's a-comin'..."