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Hattie Valdez


She was Austin's most famous madam in the 50's to the 70's.
She had many houses around town and most the the ladies were bored married women. Hattie's residence was on the southeast corner of I-35 and Riverside. It now houses Time Insurance Agency. There are two old homes on the property. Almost every room has a bathroom. Go figure. I have worked for Time and here's a short story.

I was in the kitchen getting some coffee one morning and one of the insurance ladies was taking an application from this older gentleman. She left and went to her desk to get something and left me there with this man. He looked up at me sheepshly and said, "I've been here before, but it wasn't to buy insurance." We both had a laugh.

Hattie Valdes

I just found that I bought property that Hattie use to own in Llano County. I was wanting to make sure that Hattie use to own property in Llano County. Its in Kingsland Texas. Can anyone confirm that she owed property elsewhere?

Re: Hattie Valdez

My dad said that when he worked at American Bank downtown, before the gold tower in the 50's to the early 70's, that Hattie used to come in to make her deposits.

Hattie Valdez

In the summer of '61, I met her son, Martin, we hung out together around Shipe Park. That was a fun summer and Martin was just like any other pre-teen.