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Inner Sanctum Records


Inner Sanctum went through a couple or three metamorphoses, always tracking what was cool in Austin. Progressive Country to Punk. Inner Sanctum had it all when you wanted it. They also provided an essential service to the local bands of the day by being about the ONLY retail outlet for those rare events known as recordings by Austin bands.

GREAT place

This was a wonderful place to buy local music from that unheard of band you heard the weekend before...
I also remember getting Rolling Stones tickets there. They had sold out in minutes, but I happened to be right around the corner when they announced they were going on sale. Good Times!

Inner Sanctum Records

Went there quite a bit to buy those vinyl records-Was it on Guadalupe?-Near the drag


I've great memories of Inner Sanctum, mostly from the early 70s, then when I came back to visit a bit through the latter part of that decade.

I can't remember the guy who ran the place then, but he was *very* knowledgeable of the local music scenes. On one of my visits, he gave me a poster that has been on many walls through the years, reminding me of that time in Austin...

Inner Sanctum Poster. Artwork by Jim Franklin, 1972.

Inner Sanctum proprietor

That was Joe Bryson.