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Jake's on 5th

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Remember Jake's? They had a typical "beer joint" style menu but the fried oysters were the best... you just didn't want to watch them being dipped out of the bucket in which they were stored.

You could count on a celebrity sighting on any given night at Jake's. For some reason, Tom Kite and Ben Crenshaw seemed to frequent the place. Darrell Royal was also a regular.

When they announced the closing, I made it a point to visit one last time. I sat at the bar near the door, ordered up a fishbowl, drank it, and proceeded to the door, empty fishbowl in hand. I still have that massive piece of glass.


Jakes was the american version of a british pub, I tended bar there
1971 plus or minus. Pee Wee was a great guy but could get really
bent out of shape if someone got out of line. The food was exellent
ant the fried oysters were without equal. I saw many a competetive
shuffleboard match with the regulars, had to know how to play the
break. Newcomers did not fare well. Having grown up in austin we
experienced it at one of its best moments in time, in the 50's it
was a slow paced small city of just under 100,000 and you could be
in the country in 15 minutes. It was great but time marches on and new
austin memories are being experienced by others today, I just hope the memories
are as warm as mine.

God Bless Jakes

I spent many a night in Jakes as a kid and later as na Adult. Pee Wee and Marie had the best Nachos and you can find any in any city (or at least I havent forund any) that come close the PeeWee's nachos. My step Dad dominated that old warped shuffle board and when it closed and the table moved, his name was on the plaque on the side called the "board of directors". The fish bowls were cold and I always saw someone well known at Jakes. On the good days I had eaten at Jakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner and revelled in that smell all day long. The ladies at the cleaners knew well and good what Jakes smelled like because many a shirt was asked about when they had that that Jakes smell on them. Ohhh the good ol's to PeeWee and Marie...RIP

Paleolithic Shuffleboard

That had to be the oldest living shuffleboard table in captivity. The legs were leveled with beer coasters from brands that hadn't been brewed in 30 years. Definitely a huge home field advantage to those that played it regularly...


Does anyone know where the shuffleboard ended up?


After Jake's closed, the shuffleboard made a stop at The Caucus for a short stint, then went on to The Shoal Creek Saloon, and now resides at Hill's Cafe.

Club foot/kiddie city/ kiddie carnival/holiday house/chicken sha

Need I say more. Hacky Sack on the dance floor, joe king carasco, greg kihn band, the skunks, thunderbirds, x and fun times!!!!!!

Kiddie City in Delwood shopping center- awesome!!!!! Kiddie carnival on corner of s.lamar and barton springs- Awesome!!!!! Holiday house charlie the alligator and hamburgers-awesome!!!!!! Chicken shack - which is now Austin Vaccum- Awesome!!!!!!!

My Grandparents and good time- Awesome!!!! It was Austin.