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Janis Joplin at Greg Gym

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I took pictures that night, but this is one I captured off of the web, from earlier in her career. Kindly and I were just swapping text about that concert on FaceBook last month. She had tickets, and we went together on a friend 'date'. JJ was with her Full Tilt Boogie band, and was cranked that night, on Southern Comfort and whatever she had left from the plane trip. She was best on stage, and was the 'in betweens' that took her from us later that same year... She never found the love she sang about, but left us all with blues in the night. Kindly Kay and I stood on the folding chairs like a couple of teeny boppers. ;-) Farnham

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I was there, sweating and cheering along with everyone else...

Janis Joplin at Gregory Gym

I met Janis at the airport. It was a lifetime highlight. I chaired the Entertainment Committee at the Texas Union that brought her to campus that year. My title got me the privilege to pick her up. In those days we went right out onto the tarmac at the airport...there was no security. She and her band were already in high spirits when they arrived. I was so weak at the knees at meeting the lady that I could barely talk or stand--I had to be supported (literally) by members of my committee who were with me. The concert, for which I had front and center (another perk of the job) was nothing short of spectacular. She could move and sing like nobody's business. I was so taken by the music and the vibe that I thought I was Janis for years and years. Her death was a great loss. Happily, the music and the legend live on.

Joplin Live at Winterland

Great deal on Amazon for a CD from the 1968 concert at Winterland. Live at Winterland '68: Janis Joplin with Big Brother and the Holding Co.