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Joe Gracey DJ at KOKE FM - Greatest Ever Radio


Who remembers the old "Super Roper" station KOKE FM - 95 point something on the radio dial? Coming from Dallas to Austin in the early 70's we had nothing like this station. What a mix of music. You could here a set of Willie, Michael Murphey, Leon Russell, Bob Dylan then from nowhere a Frank Sinatra song?!?! I remember the 10 to 2 DJ "Joe Gracey" he was fantastic and always funny! I remember his sign off was bluegrass "Turkey in the Straw" while he pontificated old time sayings, "Don't take no wooden nickels", "Drink lots of water", and ended with "Stay off your feet and come when you can".
Then about 75, 76 the ominous cloud of "DISCO" rolled into Austin, KOKE's rating numbers went in the toilet and the greatest venue for the Austin Sound, Outlaw Country was gone overnight. I mourned for months. I saw Joe Gracey later about 78 or 79 at the Casita Gorges out on East Riverside across from the Back Door. He had a tube running down his nose and I heard he had been fighting cancer of the throat or tongue. How ironic for a man who made his living with his voice. I don't know what happened to Joe after that but he made great memories for me and others and was an Austin Icon of that era. Another day in paradise as he used to say.

Joe Gracey Has Passed

After a long and repeated struggle with cancer, Joe passed on today at age 61.

Bumper Sticker

One of my recollections of that time was how many KOKE-FM bumper stickers, with the cowboy roping the little goat, were on Hippie vans and Hippie house windows. This was a bit of a shock for newcomers to Austin because everywhere else in Texas there was a vast divide between ropers and dopers. Not in Austin though. I would really like to have an image of that bumper sticker. I'd add it in here.

BTW: here is a great Bio of Joe G. on Kimmie Rhodes site.

Update: While this isn't the bumper sticker, it is the image and I recently learned that it was done by the great man himself: Kerry Awn!


My cousin who went by the name of Mike Gamble-was a DJ at KVET in the 1970's-Later he managed the Silver Dollar on the north side of town