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Lavender Hill Express


I first heard Rusty Wier (playing drums), Layton DePenning, and Leonard Arnold, in the Lavender Hill Express, opening for Steppenwolf in '67 or '68 at the Memorial Auditorium. Although a 60's band, LHE had all the right folks in it (Wier, DePenning and Arnold) to lay down the basic track for the Austin Sound in the '70s. Later when I grew some brains, I started hanging with these music guys (Rusty Wier, Bobby Bridger, John Inman, Charles John Quarto, Steve Fromholz), even shooting photos, and carrying a guitar case or two. But they always got the girls, and I got to be a 'friend of the band'. (Oh, per usual, the local band outshown John Kay, who was loaded).

Just another Bozo on the bus...

Lavender Hill Express

Met Rusty at The Jade Room when he had "The Lavender Hill Express." Also played there with his band "The Wig". Used to hang out with him and his wife Susie, we'd go to their house after gigs and smoke pot, but no hard drugs!