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Legal Gay


Two things that I never thought I would see in my lifetime: Legal weed and legal Gay. At this point, each of those debates are over except for the whining of a rapidly declining minority.

Austin has always been a place where those two, uh..., practices(?) were never an issue. The tolerance of our little town was such that folks may not have approved of these for themselves but it seemed to be OK that they existed and a balance of harmony and tolerance was easy to achieve. After my move here in the 70's, I was amazed at the openness of the homosexual community in Austin. They were true pioneers in coming out of the secret closet. Queers as they called themselves then mixed with hippies, ropers, cosmic cowboys, etc., drawn together by the Austin culture.

We live in different times now. Polarization of ideas in the USA is higher than ever, the media encourages the picking of sides, and we seem to have lost the basic respect for one another as a natural instinct. More often, it takes winning a lawsuit to obtain the respect that was a part of a basic tolerance that we shared.

I applaud the June 26 Supreme Court decision because we are Americans. We should be tolerant and be equal... even if that means that the Supreme Court Justices are required to be our "parents" with disappointing frequency.