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Les Amis

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As Joni Mitchell said "you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone", and so I feel about Les Amis. I never really hung out there beyond the occasional lunch or afternoon beer. The crowd there was always a little too artsey, too east-coast bohemian, and the menu was expensive! Looking back though, "Les" was a cultural nugget for old Austin and especially for campus culture. It was there during the riots, during the fawning disco days, during the punk scene, and it had a place and purpose in each of those.

The film "Viva Les Amis" should be required viewing for anyone on this site. Good history and snapshots from our time gone by. Here's one for you... look familiar?

Les Amis was not expensive.

Les Amis had a number of menu items that were not expensive at all.
It was such a great place to watch the world go by.

just a comparison

Yeah, it was expensive and a bit Parisienne snooty, but it was a welcome break from all the other god-awful eateries along the Drag--like Orange Julius.

Newman the manager of Les Amis

I would of thought he lived there but knew that he lived with a long time buddy of mine Brent Garmire.