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Tonight, we all thought it would finally rain. Austin back in the day was always a lush green place. These days, I feel that it is turning into a semi-desert. The radar showed promise tonight... the regular and expected line of storms moving in from the west, filling up our lakes, and then raining down the cleansing blast that washed away the debris of spring. This year however, that debris is still with us. Not a single rain storm has come since each species of tree has gone through its annual bloom and drop cycle. Mounds of spent pollen buds line the gutters even now, months after they should have been washed away and put to good use. No rain tonight.

Austin has survived many things... I hope an historic drought is one that it can take in stride.

Update! Shows you the power of thought... this morning, the rains came in full force, thankfully.


I was living in Austin-I think it was back in 1977 where it rained for almost 30 consecutive days

It was the centennial year-