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SAGE Department Store


Anybody remember SAGE on Airport by Highland Mall? Heard where SAGE stood for Serves All Gov't Employees, that it started out as serving gov't personnel only but then served the general public. Don't know if this was the case with the Austin store. Anyone know? They had EVERYTHING, including a liquor dept. My mom used to get all her cosmetics there. Think they had a pretty cool toy dept., too.

Sage department store

I remember as a kid around '79 or 80 shopping with my parents at Sage. They had a some kind of snack or sandwich bar in the back and they had some of the earliest coin opp video games ever. I remember playing Night Rider. It was just a black screen, little vertical lines in a row on the left and right to form the image of a road that kept moving towards you like if your driving and curving left and right randomly. You would turn the steering wheel to keep your car from hitting and crashing against the edge of the road. And the image of the car was just an adhesive sticker stuck on the monitor itself! Ohh What memories!

SAGE Was A Favorite With Mom

My mother craved the caramel corn that was sold at SAGE and, for a while, she did all her grocery shopping there. I thought it was neat the way the groceries were loaded into a container, then sent down a conveyer belt to where you could pick them up outside.

"The Wild must Wild remain!"

The departments in the Sage

The departments in the Sage store were owned and operated by separate businesses. The automotive, hardware and sporting goods sections were operated by Lacks Wholesale Distributors, a Houston based wholesaler whose largest operation was the same departments in the Kroger grocery stores.