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Salvation Sandwiches

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When I first moved to Austin, one of my best friends was a vegetarian. Since I was new in town, I followed him around for awhile. That meant eating vegetarian meals, something very new to the Texas carnivore. There were a couple of places that I recall but mostly it was the "avocado and sprouts on whole wheat" that we would get at Salvation Sandwiches. That was the complete experience: the hippie food, the hippie food vendors, the hippie mentality. All in all, a very proper lesson in the culture of my new home.

I use to play in front of

I use to play in front of the Bookstore near the sandwich stand. Roland always gave me some sandwiches when I was done. I think it was because a lot of the students would stop and listen for a while and the crowd would grow pretty big so he would sell more sandwiches. Those days were about mutuality. People helping each other without strings. It just came Naturally!

Les Quisenberry Salvation Sandwiches


Thanks for the memory of Les. He was my brother,& yes he has passed on. Your comment brought a smile to my face. I definitely remember him talking about his days on Guadalupe selling sandwiches & the jokes he made. Austin was a smaller town back then with a lot less traffic. Les loved the UT area & spent most of his life in that area. He was a big Longhorn fan.

Salvation Sandwiches

Les Quisenberry sold Salvation Sandwiches on the Drag right in front of the Book Store. The business was owned by Roland DeNoi(sp). Les is passed on now, I think.....but he was delightfully obnoxious.

He would say things like "women's clothing, 100% off".

Jalapeno Charlies

perfect place. I think it was on South Lamar, or maybe over on South 1st...anyone recall?

Health Kitchen in the 70's

I loved that place, I think it was on 6th Street, they tore it down to build some monstrosity... it had way cool art, and awesome healthy selections for lunch.

Health Kitchen

Across from the Alamo Hotel on the 6th and Guadalupe block, right?


i rmember that 24 hr restaurant at guadalupe and mlk i think it was called flapjack canyon or something like that

flapjack canyon

Flapjack Canyon was indeed at Guadalupe & MLK for a short while, a location that was originally The Night Hawk.

I still miss Flapjack Canyon!

The egg dishes on their menu were listed as "Cackleberries," which was a little too cute for me, but they had all those different, really tasty varieties of pancakes. Flapjack Canyon was my first experience of good food available 24 hours a day, both there at MLK and Guadalupe and at South Lamar and West Mary.

Uncle Van's and the Plantation

The pancake place directly across MLK (um... 19th St.) was Uncle Van's, but the 24 hr. joint of choice was across the street, at San Antonio and Guadalupe -- the Plantation.

The world's problems were solved many times over (at least on a policy level) over late-night cups of coffee there.

Uncle Van's

I remember going in there with my brother in about 1967. I was in high school, he was at UT. I felt pretty grown-up being in a hip place. They had some good "German" pancakes...they came with powdered sugar on top, and you squeezed a lemon over them. The cigarette smoke was so thick in there you couldn't see across the room (that's how most places were in those days).

Uncle Van's

Uncle Van's was where the Wendy's is now at San Antonio and MLK. Plantation is now Mr. Gatti's