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Saturday Morning Fun Club


Every Saturday morning, starting back around 1970 for a few years, there would be movies and fun at the Saturday Morning Fun Club (SMFC). It was held in a small movie theatre in the bottom/back of the old Student Union Building, the one just to the left after you crossed the Drag.

People showed a half hour or so before the start time, and I have never seen so many paper darts flying through the air! Nor have I ever seen not just funny little cigarettes, but full fledged water pipes and other assorted paraphenalia moving up and down the rows...

The audience was far from quiet and accepting - loud and opinionated expressions of disbelief and disgust were common. I remember the shorts of Flash Gordon. At the end of one week, Flash Gordon was pinned to the side of the top of a building, with a car engine flying through the air at him, only inches away from him to cause sudden death! The next week, it was resolved as it amazingly seemed to just miss him. Ahhhh....

Good movies, good fun. Not sure I'd want to take *my* kids there, though...

Oh My God did we ever get

Oh My God did we ever get stoned!!!!!! I think half the people were in there because they could get that way and never have to smoke it or buy it!!

Reefer Madness

SMFC was a holdover from the Big L movie in my hometown, but with smoothies and brownies instead of 5 cent popcorn. First saw Reefer Madness and Plan 9 from Outer Space in the Union Theater. Thursday afternoon out side were the kick ass rock Gentle Thursdays, and Saturday morning was for getting 'up' early for movies and mayhem, then on to Zilker or Eastwoods Park. What a bunch of bums we were!