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Spiral Staircase


I think I remember a bar on the same block as Les Ami called The Spiral Staircase. I was taken there by friends in about 1972 and I remember little about it other than its location (for some reason...har) and that I think Roky Erickson and the 13th Floor Elevators (?) were playing.

I was driving by there a few days ago, was held up by construction, looked at the building, thought about the bar, drove in the lot and took a picture of the building. It could be the same old two-storey Victorian-looking house, but now plastered. The address is 2405 Nueces, was a Quizno's and is now Fricano's Deli. Anybody remember or know? [wish I could post its pic on here, but not sure how]

First Place I Ever Played in Austin

The Spiral Staircase was one of the very first places I played in Austin aside from the street in front of the Bookstore. I use to play in the back on the patio. One night my puppy Sativa started to drink peoples beers that had been left on the floor before I noticed she was laying on her side trying to walk but just couldn't. Les Amis was just around the corner and a great place to hang out. What ever happened to the Airbrush Artist that use to sit there and paint, anyone know?

Louie's Bar

Does anyone remember Louie's? I believe it was across the street and down a little from Scholtz's. He had a great jukebox with lots of Sinatra and Dean Martin. Also lots of rock stuff. This was early 70's. I had my first alcoholic beverage there.

2405 Nueces...

Not being able to do a 'drive by' (I live in New Zealand) makes it a bit more complex, but *I* remember that address as being a large old white house. If you started to come up 24th, having for instance walked past Les Amis etc and turned right, the old two story house was not far at all past the intersection.

In the middle/late 1970s, it had a staircase up to the 2nd floor that went straight up the left hand side of the house to the upper floor. Back then, I knew people who lived up there - but for the life of me, I can't tell you anything much more about the house itself.

But I don't remember the bar. But then again, I didn't go to many bars back then - there were 'other' things to do for the most part...

Hang on...

(replying to my own post!)

Nah, I'm a block out - I'm thinking of a house that was near San Antonio and 24th.

As you were, move along, nothing to see here...


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