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The Capitol Building

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Before the fear-laden days we currently know, our State Capitol building prided itself on being open 24 hours a day. They had a security guard or two but you could drive right up to the building, park near the south door, and walk right in at 2:00am. I know this first hand because of the many times I did just that. It is an amazing building (this was WAY before they added the underground complex) and experiencing it in the still and quiet and solitude will stay with me forever.

It's still there, still beautiful, but essentialy lost to us at this point. Like so many freedoms and other things of beauty.

Shocked cops!

I remember going into the capitol at four in the am with my skateboard under my arm, just to use the restroom. Then there was that one time... I was skating past the capitol at three am with my mind, well, how should i putt this... hmm... my mind in a chimicle spaceland. Suddenly I heard a huge crash. There was no screeching of tires, just the impact of the car with the passed out drunk guys, smashing into the car stopped at the light two blocks away. The front of the car ended up in the back seat of the stopped car. By the time I got to the cars the drunk guys were staggering away. I ran up to the window of the other car to find a verry injered man telling me he was fine. Seeing his crushed eye,I told him to stay where he was and I would go for help. I rushed back to the capitol running into the guards office. That poor cop. In rushed this sweating, freaked out, tripping punk kit, out of breath, whealding a skateboard, telling him to call the police and ambulance to meet me two blocks away to pick up the drunk guys who are getting away and the guy with the crushed eye! That poor cop tried to get me to stay there because he was sure by the way I was acting, that I had been injured in the accident, but I rushed out telling him I had to get back to he guy with the crushed eye. I bet that poor cop told that story for years.