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The Ghetto and the Texas Ranger Crew

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Someone needs to step up and fill in the blanks for me. I recently learned about the '60s era crew that had inherited the Texas Ranger magazine. Some names are familiar: Gilbert Shelton, George and Carlyne Majewski but most are not. It does sound like these folks laid the very solid foundation that the 70's Austin stood upon.

I had never heard of The Ghetto where most of them lived and partied but even when I arrived in the mid-70's, Tortilla Flats was still around. I heard at that time, that the Flats was the current home of Willie Nelson and his growing posse of outlaws.

Here is a great narrative from Gerry Storm... read it.

Also, if you recall ANYTHING about the Ghetto, Tortilla Flats, or the Ranger, please submit an entry on this site.

And another thing... these folks clearly invented the Austin Armadillo persona. Here is a Ranger cover from 1967 spoofing Playboy but more importantly showing the Armadillo in a "bunny" persona.