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The Gibby And Robbie Show

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Relatively late in the old Austin scheme of things but perhaps the ultimate expression of what it all means to keep it weird- The Gibby Haynes and Robbie Jacks Show on 101X!

Never heard it? Never knew about it? Claim that you have Austin cred? Don't think so.

Here's a bit to get you started:

So Austin. So strong. So early in the morning. How did they do it?

Gibby wanted to do the AM

Gibby wanted to do the AM show because it helped keep him sober since he knew he had to be up at 5am everyday. I think they switched them to evenings and it didn't last very long after that. It was a great show though.

"keep it weird"

The people selling that crap have made millions.
Weird was over by the late 70's.