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The Good Food Store


I worked with a bunch of like-minded young people at the Good Food Store in the early 70's. I remember the main store on West 6th where Corezon Restaurant is now. There were also stores on W. 29th and on North Loop. Anyone else have memories of the Good Food Stores?

My Uncle Jerome was Mr. Haney to the Good Food Store

My Uncle Jerome Shield used to sell brown rice to the Good Food Store by the 50 lb. sack! Lost Creek Valley Farms. And he delivered it in an old red school bus! And he also sold "organic" carrots that were carrots from cellophane packages that he had us kids tear out of the packages trow on the yard of my Aunt's house on Tower Drive in Terrytown and throw dirt on them, wash them over with a hose, and put them in boxes. NO lie! This was in 1971, I believe.


Received via email:

I was the owner and creator of The Good Food Stores with my xhusband Steve...We were the first real natural health food store in Austin...we expanded our stores...opened a natural food bakery...sold raw honey for 25 cents a pound..bulk grains..nuts..seeds..raw milk cheese..and I drew the sign on top of our stores with smiling clouds and a smiling sun...Those were beautiful times filled with a wave of cosmic love going through our consciousness ...our store was based on love...our motto was that every one that came into the store would feel love and that they were loved and healthy food made them feel good. I guess some people still have good memories of our stores and still today remember the Love..
I miss those times.
Love Peace Happiness


I worked for a short time at the bakery, out north of town. Rudy was the very pleasant bakery manager - he was a nice guy!

like minded young people

I was regular and later worked for Hoot & Steve Shaw