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The Texas Chili Parlor

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Well, a quick search of this site shows a glaring omission: The Texas Chili Parlor.

One thing I like about TCP is that they still don't seem to have a working website and their Facebook page is more than five years out without a new post. That, my friends, is kickin' it old school in Austin, Texas.

The Chili Parlor has always been there, it seems, but in reality began in '76. At that time, it was next door to the Capitol Oyster Company and right around the corner from the original location of the Cedar Door. That stretch of Lavaca should be included in my High Karma Spots of Austin. There have been many hot spots around there.

For TCP itself, it was a response to the Chilympiad frenzy, which was a response to the Tolbert/Fowler World Chili Championship in Terlingua, which was responded to by Walker's Viva Terlingua as well as the chain Austin love's to hate, Chili's. As you can see, chili was a big deal in Texas in the 70's.

It is still there, menu is still basically the same, still holding that beacon of 70's pop culture.

Remember Castle Creek?

Wasn't that its name? Legendary music venue, small place, right next door from where you're talking. I saw Lightnin' Hopkins, Tom Waits and many others. Walls are still there, but you'd never know it was once what it was.