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Toad Hall


Does anyone remember Toad Hall, it was one of the earliest 6th St music halls. I had a gig there one night opening for Robert Shaw and another musician was sharing the bill that night, her name was Lucinda Williams. I can't remember just exactly when it was it was early 70's may have even been 1970, but after I played Lucinda got up and when she started to sing my mouth dropped open. The one thing I noticed was she wouldn't look up the whole time. After she was done I talked with her and told here she should look up at the people because she was not only an incredible musician but pretty as well. We became good friends after that, of course that was along time ago and time moves people on. I'm happy success found her! When Robert Shaw got up he was the last of the Barrel House pianists. He was unbelievable, he told stories about the barrel speakeasy's the whole night and he played his heart out and told stories about Nacogdoches and other back country Texas towns. If anyone remembers other shows there please share them. There is absolutely noting on the internet about that place. I've searched and searched and found nothing.