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Welcome to Austin's Collective Memory Bank

Note: Due to Spammer usage of this site, new accounts have been suspended. If you are a true Old Austinite and wish to contribute, send an email to info at and we can make that happen.

Also Note: There have been several cases of requests for access that we granted by email but nothing happens after that. If you feel that you might have been one of those cases.. try again!

As time passes, it becomes clear that we need to capture the many things that made Austin what it is today. This experiment is to do so by capturing snippets of memory and letting the community add and comment at will. The result should be a social memory bank about Austin and how we lived and loved our city. You'll find a decidedly counter-cultural theme in these pages. Whether you acknowledge it or not... that attitude is one of the primary forces that shaped Austin. It emerges today as a "Keep Austin Weird" slogan. This site is dedicated to the things which that slogan strives to keep. Come on folks... you lived it. Write it down. Click a category and get started or just browse around and remember the way it used to be.

Here's what's new on the site:

The Bo Tree
     by Kay
Leon Russell
     by clex
Stuck House
     by clex
South 40
     by justin
Lil Toot
     by llamageorge
Thundercloud Subs
     by clex
The Texas Chili Parlor
     by clex
Guy Clark and the Chili Parlour
     by clex
Lung's Cocina del Sur
     by clex
Say Hi
     by clex
Orange Boots for the Orange Bull
     by LonghornMike
Paul Ray
     by clex
Gun Violence
     by clex
Legal Gay
     by clex
Highland Mall
     by clex

Split Rail exterior picture

Hi, Does anyone know where I can find a picture of the exterior of the bar the Split Rail that was in Austin? I'm drawing our old stomping grounds and the Split Rail is the last one on my list. Thank you for any help you can give. Jeanne

Old Austin

I can remember when down town and many roads of the University were stil dirt roads, Does anyone remember the RAW DEAL steak house on 6th,
Or Club Foot Where locals played their stuff, and let us not forget the Amadillo World Headquarters. I played most of these places with the Berzerko bros. I CAN'T THINK OF THE NAME OF THE PLACE BUT IT WAS ON 400 E 6TH STREET. Don't forget Jalapeno Charlies,How about the Paramount on 6th street, and the Hole in the wall. and Eats cafe, headliners east, Dobie screens 1&2, salvation sandwhiches, and Macombini hot dogs. Mad dog & beans I ran that for 4 years. Gordos where you could enjoy a quiet game of pool

Thanks for the memories!

I am an original Austinite...been here since 1962. I was a teenager in the late 70's and it is really fantastic to journey back in time, when Austin was the greatest city on earth!
So looking forward to hearing KOKE on the air again!!

Thanks for the place

Good place to exercise my brain cells and shake out some of the times back when. If the good, bad and ugly of history is 'time and place', then Austin '67 to '80 was a golden era. Can't go back, and don't want to go bowling with you guys, but swapping digital doobies is definitely a trip. Thanks

No complaints

Austin in the '60s and early '70s was IT for me. Living in San Marcos, Buda and Kyle and playing in bands in Austin was the time to be there. I can't go back, but I can enjoy the memories and the photos I have. Now, it's too big, too urban-suburban for me. Not laid back anymore. Feels like a mini-Houston. Some players are still around of course but things change. I'm sure it's perfect for lots of people who live there now and they will remember fondly their favorite haunts.

Jasmine Isle

You remeer a restuarant called jasmine Isle or the likes back then?
Jack Buzzy Gibson
The road goes on forever .....and the party never ends!

Jasmine Isle in Buda

Jasmine Isle in Buda - Wahoo! Long before Buda was the center of the universe and popularized on the "You Won't Believe This Sh*t!" TV crime show, with wives killin' husbands and stuff, it was a tiny near-ghost town relic of old time Texas.

In '72 or there abouts, a bunch of hippies who had enough money to travel to Java or some such far off hippie place (maybe India), came back to Travis County and decided (probably in the throes of some un-Christian drugs or Eastern philosophy), to start a hippie restaurant in bootiful downtown Buda, in the top floor of an old hardware store.

Whoa! Shades of Alice's 'you know what', and doggone it, the food was great, and the ambiance was straight out of Pier One (maybe The Cadeau), with tied dyed bedspreads for drapes, and giant wire spools for tables, etc.

Me and Charles John Quarto went there several times and had good food and good vibes, you know?

Just another Bozo on this bus...

Jasmine Isle...

Yes, I remember it - but only vaguely...

Would have been about 1972 - driving down to Buda, several of us in the bed of an old Chevy pickup, huddled under a blanket.

I remember a very nice meal - but it may have been a result of the times and the company...