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When was your favorite time in "old" Austin?

You should of been here in the good old days...

I moved to Austin just before I turned four in 1955. I grew up in Northwest Austin but now live South. I was not able to drive until 1967 so I did not get to see the 13th Floor Elevators but I could play most of their songs on my guitar. I remember tagging along with the Good Humor Band at the New Orleans club and seeing Johnny Winters at the Vulcan. I remember hanging arround Alices Resturant on the drag. By way of Lavender Hill Express Rusty Weir was a mainstay arround town. Murphy and Jerry Jeff where getting ready to do something big over at Castle Creek but it all came together in the summer of 1972 when an outcast from Nashville played the Dillo. The night Willie Nelson first played at the Armadillo was a a magical night. Someone who I had never heard of played songs that I knew all night long. That is magic you can beleive in.

13th floor elevators

I went to high school with Roky's little brother. His name was Donnie Erickson.


I was in the choir at Saint David's Episcopal Church with his brother Sumner, who has moved back to Austin after an illustrious career with the Pittsburg Philharmonic Orchestra--who was named, BTW, after one of Saint David's most celebrated Reverends. In any case, I didn't even know he had a brother "Donnie"?